How you want others to perceive you can have dramatically positive results . “It is important to not just build a career, but to build a brand.”

Build your career branding tool-kit:
1. Personal Brand Statement
2. LinkedIn Presence
3. Brand-on Resume
4. ACE your Interviews
5. Job-Search Canvas
6. Internet Research Skills
7. Dress for Success
8. Career Vision Board


“Your appearance affects the way you think, feel, act or behave and has a direct impact on your success:”

1. Managing First Impressions
2. Appropriate Professional Appearance
3. Authentic Personal Style
4. Looking Attractive
5. Advanced: Understanding the Science behind the Art of Dressing.


“Communication is the human connection – key to personal and career success.”

1. Body Language Skills
2. Presentation Skills / Public Speaking
3. Social Media Presence
4. Extended DISC Communication Style Profiling
5. Personal Brand Communication


“Good manners are essentially a display of consideration towards other people.”

1. Business Etiquette
2. Dinning Etiquette
3. Attire Etiquette
4. Net Etiquette

Each program listed in the Acceleration Tool-kit is:
– a total 5-hour Program spread across 1 month duration.
– available in Standard Group Coaching and Premium 1-to-1 Coaching Packages