Proactive Job Search System

Let us understand first, that "Your Job-Search is Unique". So when it is personally crafted to take advantages of YOUR strengths and abilities, you are far more likely to achieve success with it... i.e. you can fuel your own success.

Most job-seekers are not proactive in establishing and building their career brand, letting their actions speak for them when seeking promotions or new jobs. Most professional have not upgraded their job-hunt skills, now feel a bit ‘out of control’ selling themselves in today’s more competitive environment. Surprisingly, many senior level executives are unprepared and often forget to do the basics. "The less frequently an individual has proactively sought out a new position during their career, the more likely they are to be rusty and mismanage the process."

Then, why not take the time to master some very basic tactics that can help build your career brand and make you a much more attractive employee or job-seeker? Remember, if you don’t brand yourself, others will for you. And while you may be happy and secure in your job now, you really never know when that will change.

12 Week Program: Getting the Job you Love

Your dream job represents your goals where you’re using your strengths and talents to make a difference. Proactive Job Search System is a complete step by step process to support you in choosing your career strategies. It is designed to implement a specific career plan that’s built atop your personal brand. It also includes defining what you really want, job search approaches and organized daily action plan to land the job you want.

I. Analysis Phase

Here we work to give you sound foundation for your career management and job search journey.

  • 1. Be clear on personal strengths and core skills you bring to the table
  • 2. Identify career possibilities and type of jobs which you are going to pursue
  • 3. Determine your target organizations and know the people who can impact your goals
  • 4. Document findings of your assessment and research into your Brand-DNA canvas

II. Construct Phase

Create amazing career marketing tools that reflect the essence of who you are!

  • 1. On-paper: Build your brand-on targeted Resume
  • 2. On-line: Update your LinkedIn profile
  • 3. In-person: Look brand-on with your Attire and Style
  • 4. Define your Professional Plan, Strategy and Approaches

III. Execute Phase

Manage your job search campaign to open doors to new opportunities.

  • 1. Finding the right opportunities
  • 2. Applying to potential employers
  • 3. Attending Interviews to get a job offer
  • 4. Landing the Job you want

Program Features

  • 1 hour of live group coaching with our expert each week
  • Email support during the course of the program
  • Enjoy learning and supporting others going through the course
  • Interactive group mentoring session at end of each phase

Key Benefits:

  • Increase your chances of success

    When you will define work that’s a good ‘personal fit’ and use it as one of the key criteria to judge our various career options (including what to say ‘no’ to). Never forget that it is your job to make it easy for other people to help you.

  • Save invaluable time

    You save precious preparation time as you move from Resume to Interview,  and Interview to Offer conversions , when you get a better understanding of your personal brand and how to communicate it incestuously in everything you do for your career.

  • Feel confident

    Navigate your job-search successfully with confidence. When you follow a strategy, have a system in place, you know exactly what to do when the best way to move forward is to find a new company.

Why should you attend?

Does one or all of the reasons below sound familiar?

  • You don’t know where to start.

    Finding the right job seems like an overwhelming task - you are feeling a bit 'out of control'. There are either too many job listings to sort through, or you can’t find any opportunities that seem to fit. You make a few stabs at job-hunting but you get nowhere. Interviews aren’t coming your way; nobody is calling you back, so you end up feeling frustrated and do little else.

  • There are too many things to do.

    You realize that you need to increase your network, but you think your résumé isn’t quite good enough, so you work on that. You know that contacting potential hiring managers is important, but it’s easier to look at the help wanted ads in the paper. You question whether all of your time spent in informational interviews will ever be worth it. You don’t have a way to prioritize your job search activities and manage your time.

  • It’s difficult to stay motivated.

    It’s difficult to stay motivated. You may know exactly what you need to do, but you avoid doing it. It’s much easier to surf the Internet or watch television than go to an association meeting where you might meet the right person who can lead you to a great job opportunity. You’ve gone weeks or months with few interviews and no job offers. When you get a rejection letter or no response from companies you’ve contacted, you take it personally. It’s easy to blame the economy, lack of job openings, or the time of year.

  • You are not prepared to navigate the search successfully.

    Failure is one thing hold us back. Others think they are unique and therefore above needing to sell themselves. They want employers to approach them instead of them pursuing opportunities. In today’s more competitive environment, that perspective is just wrong - rather, in the early stages, candidates should approach the process as a seller rather than a buyer. This means being prepared before you contact anyone.

  • +Add your own - your job search is unique to you.

    ( We believe that future executives will get proactive, take control and build self-directed careers. Let us know what is your reason for wanting to do this course? Send us a note telling us about your expectations from this course)

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