Leadership Coaching draft

Leadership Coaching for Individuals (1-to-1)

We deliver 1-on-1 leadership coaching using the 360 Feedforward Coaching process to leaders across all management levels. Outcome is accelerated growth, heightened awareness, humility and EQ through identification of leadership behaviours that are most impactful not only for the client but all stakeholders. The process inherently deliver the measurable results executives look for.

Leading Others

Engaging with others is key in being able to actively change one’s own behavior and others’ perceptions.

Leadership Team Coaching

When people work together effectively, their synergy creates magic. To bring team effectiveness to the forefront, we will guide the leadership team to work as a unit to identify one team leadership growth area that they all need to get better at. Applying the principles of the 360 Feedforward Coaching process for teams, the leaders commit to developing themselves to enable powerful transformation across the organization.

The Complete Leader

Yin / Yang gives us a model for considering when something is out of balance, and where to look to bring things back into balance. As one element increases, the other decreases. We need to fully understand the experience of one in order to understand how to move toward an experience of the other. Appreciatively and Intentionally

360 Feed-forward Coaching Approach

This coaching approach creates meaningful sustainable change for leaders...
Engaging with others is key in being able to actively change one’s own behavior and others’ perceptions.
Through placing a strong emphasis on involving coworkers in implementing change and follow-through, we measure growth in leadership effectiveness as attested by those around the leader. With attention on the stakeholders, emphasis on the future, and parallel changes in behavior and perception change, our proven process has consistently delivered these measurable results for leaders and organizations. In fact, 95% of leaders who have been coached report measurable growth as perceived by their coworkers.


Reseach with 11,000 leaders..