High Pay-off Career Branding Tools

I believe, there are plenty of qualified candidates out there and most candidates ARE qualified for the jobs they are applying for … then, why they are not getting the job?

The biggest challenge hiring managers state is finding qualified candidates, yet 90+% of applicants are never even considered? Or an interview happens and it does not move forward?

There is a disconnect… and the disconnect is on both sides:

There is a disconnect on both sides:

1) The candidates are not presenting themselves in a way that recruiters and hiring managers are understanding, so they don’t get the call. They are also not presenting themselves in a favourable manner. Most candidates are great at what they do… AND completely terrible at marketing themselves to others – they do not know to showcase that, they are great at what they do. Many have just lost touch with the enthusiasm and passion they once felt about their career and have become cynical or resigned in their work-attitude – an attitude that puts-off potential employers.

2) There are plenty of qualified candidates but it takes effort to find them… Many recruiter do not know how to search right to find you, not reading your resume right to see that you are qualified, and not smart enough to assume that if you have been working this long, it’s because you are good at what you do. Most recruiters look only for technical skills – they are unclear about what the position and their organisation value, expect and reward, … and do not shortlist for culture match in addition to technical skills. Also, overall poor recruitment experience, drives quality candidates away.

71 % of employers reported that more than half of their open positions were “specialized”. 61% of respondents consider themselves to be a “professional with a broad skill set” as opposed to specialized in their field. “Job Market Perceptions” survey

So, is this a Catch-22 situation?

Not really, depends on which side you want to be on. Do you want to be on the side that takes ownership, makes changes to appeal to recruiters and hiring managers effectively and get the interview call? Or do you want to dig your heels in stubbornly by doing the same ineffective job practices every day and continuing to complain that you are not getting interview calls?

You, as the job seeker, bear the burden of making them see how you are the one to talk to. It is not only up to the hiring manager to decipher that you are the one to chat with over the hundreds of applications they receive or profiles that came up in their search…

Get ready to take charge of your career! Bring your focus on building powerful career branding tools that will bring in high returns.

Powerful Tools of Trade:

Ten of the most effective high pay-off tools you should have in your career branding tool-kit:

  • Personal Brand Statement.
  • Powerful Accomplishment Stories.
  • Brand-on LinkedIn and Online Presence.
  • Accomplishment driven Resume
  • ACE your Interview skills
  • Job-Search Strategy Canvas
  • Better Internet Research Skills
  • Dress for Success and In-person Presence
  • Inspiring Career Vision Board
  • Targeted Network

80% of your results and career opportunities will come from proactively developing and using some of these power tools – so why waste 80% of your time passively scanning posted jobs, waiting to find the one that fits you? The reality is that we do not have unlimited time, attention, energy, and capabilities. Few of us have the luxury of leaving our potential on the table.

So, Don’t be afraid – get proactive, take charge, go out there and get it!

‘Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but TAKE THE STEP’ Naeem Callaway

Renuka Tandon- Image ConsultantRenuka:  “There may be plenty of opportunities available to you in your current role, all you need to do is identify them, and create a strategy to get to where you want to go. Developing a career strategy is like constructing a building. You have to start with a solid foundation and, bit by bit, work your way towards the top!”

Renuka Tandon is Director and Chief Consultant at ACE Impression and TanNet Technology Resources . She provides customized image management and personal branding consulting, to corporate executives and business owners, targeted towards their professional growth and business success . Click here to contact Renuka.