Executive Presence

Having an effective “executive presence” is a determining factor in the ability to grow your career and influence others. Presence is an increasingly big part of what it means to be a leader, in the boardroom, at the dinner table or on LinkedIn. Executive Presence is not about performance, it is more a measure of communication and image; whether you signal to others that you have what it takes.

Executive Presence does not mean transforming your fundamental personality. It is about adopting specific practices that fit in with the personality you already have – i.e. tapping our personal resources to achieve a “presence” that helps reflect confidence, poise, character, competence and authenticity.

The ABCDE of ACE Executive Presence program consists of unique combinations of 5 dimensions – when combined, send all the right signals. Leaders know they must embody executive presence to get ahead, influence others, and drive results. :
1. Appearance
2. Body-language
3. Communication
4. Digital Footprint
5. Etiquette

Executive Presence strongly influences other people’s perception of your trustworthiness and intelligence. For effective communication of your Executive Presence; your  Online Personal Brand and In-person Image should be integrated, consistent and always reflect your true character built on your own lifestyle and systems.  The development of authentic executive presence, then, must start from the inside. This “inside-out” executive presence , is essentially your message, your communication to the world and it is important to know the science and the art of creating a lasting positive impact.

“It is executive presence—and no man or woman attains a top job, lands an extraordinary deal, or develops a significant following without this heady combination of confidence, poise, and authenticity that convinces the rest of us we’re in the presence of someone who’s the real deal.” ― Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success
Benefits: ACE Executive Presence 12-Week Program
  • First Impressions matter:

    Making a great first impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader. 30 seconds is all it takes… so, it makes sense to present one’s self in precisely the way we would like to be perceived.

  • Having a personal brand is a leadership requirement:

    Be proactive, take control and define what you represent as a leader and how this will shape the manner in which you will serve others. Live and manage your personal brand and earn respect in any situation.

  • Communicate effectively:

    Hold attention of your audience when speaking, be totally present in a conversation or in a meeting, and learn the art of being perceived as being of value to others around you.

  • Look the part to get the part:

    Your professional Image must be congruent with what people know and believe about you and your role in the organization. If there is dissonance between your image and expectations, people judge you as ineffective.

  • Improve your mingling quotient

    Etiquette builds a cooperative environments. Learn to handle a variety of social and business situations such as networking events, business meetings and fine dining etiquette skills


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