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Global Leadership Coaching (GLC) is 1-to-1 Bespoke Leadership Coaching dedicated to help your:

  • Personal growth: Develop into a better leader.
  • Professional performance: Make more impact as a leader in your organization
  • Recognition from your organization: Be seen as a more effective leader.
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Global Team Coaching (GTC) adapts the principles of 360 Feedforward Coaching for teams:

  • As the dynamics of coaching teams is different from coaching leaders 1-on-1, methodology is adapted accordingly for teams.
  • Thus, enabling use of a uniform process across all management levels, throughout the organization
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The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)is a 360 leadership assessment rooted in groundbreaking research and strength of its validation.

  • It articulates and measures the top 15 most important competencies for today's global leader.
  • It shows leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed in a competitive business environment.
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Goal: Leader achieve a positive long-term change

Leadership growth process is simple, but not easy. While the challenges of choosing to stay on your leadership journeys are real, so too are the benefits.


Offering a uniform yet bespoke approach across the organisation. Our best-in-class GCG digital platform guarantees consistent results!

The Leadership Journey starts with You:

  • Make leadership change both Visible and Measured
  • Take Action and get Acknowledged for the Progress
  • Accelerate leadership growth in Real-time, on the job
  • Overcome ‘belief barriers to success', and achieve sustainable behavioral change
  • Work on Behavioural and Perception change simultaneously.

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360 Feedforward Process:

360 Feedforward Coaching, is a highly effective, transparent, structured and time efficient process that guarantees measurable leadership growth..

95% of leaders coached reported measurable growth and are recognized for this by their team and organization.

(* Research with 11,000 leaders across 4 continents)

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Global Leadership Assessment:

The GLA360 articulates and measures the top 15 most essential competencies for today’s global leader. It shows leaders the areas they need to develop to succeed in a competitive business environment.

The 5 Big Categories of Leadership Competencies:

  • Communication
  • Engaging people
  • Boundary-less inclusion
  • Assure success
  • Continuous change

(The GLA360 captures data on 72 skills in 15 competencies divided into these five categories)


  1. GLA360 Individual Assessment + in-depth debrief
  2. GLA360 + Team Development Workshop
  3. GLA360 + Leadership Development Coaching

What is your Leadership Coachability Factor?


Leadership and change is about having the courage to make it about YOU and address issues that are 'uncomfortable' and to try new things which takes you out of your comfort zone.


Real leadership is not really about YOU (the leader) but all about the team and the business / mission. Therefore leaders need to balance courage with humility and not let their ego get in the way of the change process. 


Making leadership change stick is about creating more effective habits and process which requires disciplined execution of the implementation action plan and consistent follow up to make change visible. .

Executive Coaching

For Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009).

    ‘Conversations With a Purpose’, an executive coaching process, is a purposeful, carefully managed coaching conversation between two equals, with the purpose of bringing the client to a better place of their own choosing.

    ‘A.C.E Leadership Presence’, a holistic Executive Presence Model developed by TanNet. Exploring the nuances of Executive and Leadership Presence levels the playing field for all leaders— and it creates a very specific case for what each leader needs to do to influence and drive results.

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      A Proven Coaching Process on Digital Platform

      360 Feedforward Process, is a time efficient, transparent, structured and proven process for undeniable measurable results. All within GCG Coaching Digital Platform .

      Global Brand Affiliation

      Global Coach Group ( GCG) is a truly global leadership coaching organization integrating coaching with innovative technology services for a modern world.

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      Work with competent, certified, credible coaches led by Renuka Tandon. She has 20+ years of experience and coaches for Authenticity (I) , Alignment (WE) and Achievement (US).

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      Executive, Leadership and Team Coach:

      Renuka Tandon

      Coaching for Authenticity, Alignment and Achievement

      • Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC)
      • Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GCG-GLA360)
      • Certified Global Leadership Coach (GCG-GLC)
      • Certified Global Team Coach (GCG-GTC)
      • Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GCG-GLA360)
      • Certified Professional Group and Team Coach (Ignite Global)
      • Masters Degree in Computer Management (MCM)

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