Individual Coaching
Bespoke, Individualised Coaching Approach
Team Coaching
Focus on Coaching Teams achieve a common goal.
Group Coaching
Coaching Programs delivered to a cohort of 3 to 8 individuals

Our Offerings

Our commitment is to support leaders to become more effective in their organization. We take the most grounded and holistic approach to leadership development.

GCG 360 Feedforward Leadership Coaching

We partner and leverage the tried and tested GCG 360 Feedforward Coaching Process and GCG Digital platform, to deliver Global Leadership Coaching (GLC), Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) and Global Team Coaching (GTC) Programs. By the end of the engagement, there is visible and measurable behavioural and perception change in the each leader and team as a whole. Global Coach Group (GCG) is a truly global leadership coaching organization...

ACE Executive Presence Program for Leaders

A.C.E. Executive and Leadership Presence Model: consists of unique interaction of three main dimensions — ‘Authenticity’, ‘Congruency’ and ‘Expression’— which go into creating Leadership Presence . As we look at modern leadership through the lens of Executive Presence, we take an holistic approach that addresses — the ‘harder’ driving , ‘softer’ emotional and social components of leadership.

'Conversations with a Purpose' Executive Coaching

Conversations with a Purpose’ delivers the benefits of 1-to-1 bespoke personal coaching. We work with individuals to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential. Executive Coaching is the ultimate in tailored leadership development. Together we create a strong and trusting partnership that enables executives to improve and sustain their performance.

About Renuka

I am fascinated by the way the future of work, careers and leadership are changing to create more human-centric places of work. Rather than observing these fundamental shifts from the sidelines, I work hand in hand with the entrepreuneurs and leaders that are driving them. With 20+ years of unique experiences blend, I coach at the holistic level, which has a lot to do with “who we are”, “how we make others feel”, in addition to a “set of behaviours” -– which when combined, send all the right signals, of you as a leader.

Certified Global Leadership Coach
Certified Global Leadership Coach

Certified Global Leadership Coach (GLC)

Global Leadership Assessment Coach
Global Leadership Assessment Coach

Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GLA360)

Accredited ICF-ACC Coach
Accredited ICF-ACC Coach

ICF Accredited ACC Coach (ICF-ACC)

Certified Professional Group & Team Coach
Certified Professional Group & Team Coach

Certified Professional Group & Team Coach


What are some of our clients saying?

"...I was particularly impressed by her drastic ability to explore according to the unique situation of the client. Renuka made sure that any of our conversations never end without a happy and satisfied smile on my face.

Sagar Patel Software Engineer

Renuka was my coach in a Group Coaching setup. She used to be well prepared for the sessions. The information and insights she provided during the sessions always led to new knowledge and did not seem obvious. I also found her very receptive to feedback. It was easy to disagree with her and express my views, which made for very fruitful discussions.


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