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"The real opportunity for success lies in the person, and not in the job" __ Zig Zigler




Professional Development Coaching, is really about getting to the core of who you are, what matters to you, and what strengths, passions and values are within you and can be brought forward...

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From Aspiration to Reality.

“Imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up everyday inspired to go to work in the morning and end the day fulfilled by the work they do. “
This is the world we are working to build... By joining us to build a career YOU love - you are helping to create it.

About Us

Welcome to TanNet Career Programs.


As the job market in India gets more competitive, how we build careers is undergoing a change. We believe that future executives will get proactive, take control and build self-directed careers. We support this change and our primary focus at TanNet is to coach and empower future executives to shape their careers with intention and purpose. So, why not take the time to master some very strategic skills that can help build your executive brand, image and presence and make you a much more influential employee or entrepreneur? Do you have the current work-place survival skills?

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Executive Coaching : Conversations with a Purpose .

Coaching is a "two-way" street - When you know, you will benefit from having a 'thinking partner' focused on helping you use your creativity and resources, to see beyond your blocks and help you solve your own problems ..... it's time you get yourself a coach! As a coach and mentor, I commit 100% to doing my part to the best of my ability. And 'you' the client, also has a vital role to play in the coaching and mentoring relationship. An ideal client for this program is:

  • Executives with 6 to 18 years of expereince:

    You have tested the waters, have enough work experience and now need help to crystallise your dreams and goals. You also have, enough work years left to translate all your learning into action, year after year.

  • Ambitious and accomplishment driven:

    You want a rewarding and fulfilling career, where you work to the best of your potential and aspirations, with organisations who value your contribution. You are pro-active and want to take your career to the next level –for which, you will explore your learnings and design actions/thinking that will support you move towards your desired goal and vision.

  • Open-minded and willing to go a bit outside your comfort zone:

    You are coachable, committed to the process and self-motivated enough to treat coaching as a priority. You will participate as an equal partner, explore new/expanded ways of thinking, do most of the talking as you choose what happens during coaching session. You will show up, participate fully, do your assignments and be “self-accountable” . (with support of your coach of course!)

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What does it mean for you ?

Benefits of the Programs

Attract opportunities | Communicate competence | Feel confident

1. Keep searching for work that have better and better personal ‘FIT’ and reap the benefits of job satisfaction and execllence.

2. Communicate your authentic brand to attract the right opportunities and environments where you can make an impact while fulfilling your purpose.

3. Gain Promotions and up-level your career, by proving your worth and long-term value of your results to your management.

4. Feel confident when the best way to move up is to create a new option. Know exactly what you need to do to fulfill your professional goals.

5. 30 seconds is all it takes to make the first impression, so it makes sense to present one’s self in precisely the way we would like to be perceived. …. many more.

Live your Vision.

Program: What is it you really want to do?
Program: Proactive Job Search System
Program: Executive Career Branding
Program: Executive Presence
Our career has us spending around
0+ hours
at work per year! How on earth can we use those hours , make our Career Fun , Fulfilling AND FLOURISHING ?

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