What is it you really want to do

Your career will last over 80,000 hours, and it’s difficult to know exactly what the future holds. This means it’s important to take steps that will put you in a better position for the long-term.

The first stage is to define the type of career for which you are looking. You can’t figure out what might be a good fit for you if you don’t know what’s out there! In this program, we focus on authenticity as a basic building block for your personal brand and defining what you hope to do professionally.

To determine exactly what you want, you’ll need to use a combination of three different methods or tools:
1) Assessments, exploration and self-reflection
2) Researching Online
3) Informational interviews and Talking to people

In this program, we lay the ‘FOUNDATION’, for all that do will do next to shape your career. We take you through the various steps to help you define the type of career you really want – ‘YOUR DREAM CAREER’. In creating that definition, you are determining which positions, organizations, and industries match your unique and marketable skills and fit with your personal vision for your career. Just like a company targets the market that is best suited for its products, you also must be brand-on and make choices about where your skills, abilities, and desires will fit best.

  • Gain a new understanding of yourself

    Gain a new understanding of yourself, who you are, and the unique talents, skills and gifts you already have. Your vision, purpose and values which propel you into action. Those that you will carry with you wherever you go.

  • Describe your Personal Vision for your Career

    Be able to describe in detail what your ideal job would look like. Select the ‘fields’ where you would most enjoy using your skills, because that is where you will do your most effective work.

  • Define your Value Proposition

    Be able to clearly explain to a prospective employer what makes you uniquely fitted to help them achieve their goals. Uncover your brand!


Currently 'What is it you really want to do' Program is only available in the PREMIUM category (i.e. 1-to-1 coaching). If you are ready to commit to taking your career to the next level... Schedule a Strategy Session with us.

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