Foundation Program: Create clarity on “What YOU really want to do”

Discover what you really want in life, focus on what you truly love to do. Clarity is Power!

Complete step by step program guiding you to make your career choices around “what’s most important”, set value-based career goals and diligently integrate them into your career journey. Maximise Fulfilment in your Career!

Strengthen your foundation to understand, the changes you need to make to get more of what you want in your professional life . We help you build a Strategic Plan to up-level your executive career, be it: your next Promotion, a Leadership requirement, Career Transition, or your next Job Change!

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Master Programs:

For those who have completed the Foundation Program… these add-on result-oriented packages help to further support your career journey, moving consistently toward the desired target!

You bring focus , take deliberate action and develop a result-oriented tool-kit, be it: Positioning yourself with an Authentic Personal ‘Career Brand’, Managing your ‘Image’ to creating Positive Impressions, or Moving forward with confidence in your next ‘Job-Search’.

Personal Branding? Why bother? 
For me, Personal branding is just as much about determining internally what’s important to you, what your values are, what kind of work you want to do… As it is about the external, of promoting yourself, and making it easy for the right kinds of people to find you for the right kinds of work.

Executives are encouraged to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts.

I think that everybody should have the opportunity to put their best foot forward and build their reputation – which provides a way for the right kinds of people/professional opportunities to find you.

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“We know it when we feel it, and we know it when we SEE it, but presence is hard to define. On the other hand, most of us are good at describing the lack of it.” __  Amy Curdy.

Executive Presence is not about performance, it is more a measure of image; whether you signal to others that you have what it takes. People gauge your executive presence the second you enter a room. In those initial seconds, you are going to be judged on what they see — filtered through your reputation that may precede you.

I think that everybody should always consider what they look like to other people, to make sure that the image that they are projecting, match their values and appropriate for the occasion/situation.

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Your dream job represents your goals where you’re using your strengths and talents to make a difference.

Proactive Job Search System is a complete step by step process to support you in choosing your career strategies. It is designed to implement a specific career plan that’s built atop your personal brand and what you really want to do.

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Our Methodology A.C.E. – Analyse. Construct . Execute

We will work with you to get a clear about your personal vision for your career. Assessments, Exploration, Research and Documentation are the key in this phase. We will build a process, share strategies and help describe what is important to you so that you can then figure out what the right career path for you.

You’re now clear on what makes you unique—so get ready to share that with the world. Learn to put your best foot forward when you market yourself— in person, on paper and on-line. Create amazing career marketing tools that reflect the essence of who you are!

Align your personal brand, work environment, digital footprint and job-search strategies to represent an authentic career brand. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities.