• Personal Branding for Career Acceleration
  • Executive Presence
  • Proactive Job Search System
  • What is it you really want to do


We take you through the program, designed to implement a specific career plan – be it a new job, career transition, internal promotion or leadership requirement..

Career Programs:

Create clarity on “What YOU really want to do” — then, go out there and “Get it”

Foundation: Discover Yourself

Happiness is fulfillment when it is an inside-out job. We can all feel happy, have some fun doing something or another – but real fulfillment comes from doing the work you really love.

This program strengthens your foundation to understand, the changes you need to make to get more of what you want in your professional life .

We help you to get to the root of what you really want in life, focus on what you truly love to do and strategically plan your way to your goals – to consciously build executive careers that are both – flourishing AND fulfilling.

Clarity is Power!

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Targeted Job Search Program

Your personal FIT career represents your goals where you’re using your strengths and talents to make a difference..

Proactive Job Search System is a complete step by step job search program guiding you through that crucial last mile in implementing your career plan. As you get into the Job Search System , do not skip any steps, though your larger focus will be on the stage where you are stuck.

We support you in choosing your career strategies, defining what you really want, job search approaches and organized daily action plan to help you move forward to land the job you want!

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Master Programs:

You bring focus , take deliberate action and exude leadership presence for Impact and Influence:

Personal-Professional Brand Alignment. Why bother? 
Personal Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart and describing the added value you bring to your target audience.

Personal-Professional branding is just as much about determining “internally” what is important to you, what your values are, what kind of work you want to do… as it is about – “aligning externally”, which provides a way to promote yourself, build leadership reputation and making it easy for the right kinds of people to find you for the right kinds of opportunities.

Throughout your career you may change organisations, industries and roles, but your professional brand and image will always stay with you – it an ASSET which you need to nuture and grow for success.

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Executive Presence: The X-Factor in leadership!
“We know it when we feel it, and we know it when we SEE it, but presence is hard to define. On the other hand, most of us are good at describing the lack of it.” __  Amy Curdy.

Executive Presence is not about performance, it is more about whether you signal to others that you have what it takes. It is clear – that the ability to produce long-term executive presence has a lot to do with “who we are”, “how we make others feel”, in addition to a “set of behaviours” — which when combined, send all the right signals.

Executive Presence – a unique interaction of – Authenticity and Congruency – that goes into creating an Impact, Influence and Inspiration.
You are the face of your organization – signal you are in charge!

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Coaching Initative


Happiness @Work
I believe, we were born to be happy, we cannot ignore fulfilment and happiness in our career area for far too long. Don’t worry, each moment presents a new opportunity to make a new choice.

– Be clear about who you are,
– what’s important to you, and
– where you’re headed.
And when life throws you curve balls and you feel wobbly in your knowing, focus on getting clear on those things again and then make the next choice.

The happy person’s focus is on the journey AND the destination while working within these 6 main points that really make a person feel fulfilled at work: Relationships, Mastery, Environment, Earnings, Purpose and Meaning. And when you don’t have these at work, it’s not a happy place to be.

So lets explore how I might be able to support you achieve more satisfaction and success at work.

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Our Methodology A.C.E. – Awareness. Clarity . Expression

Through the process of awareness, you transform the way you think and feel about your current reality and future possibilities. Knowing yourself is the first step in being true to yourself and is fundamental to the integrity of your goals, actions, and happiness. We will work with you to get a clear about your personal vision for your career/business. Assessments, Exploration, Research and Documentation are the key in this phase. Use awareness to align your authenticity, intention and action.

You’re now aware on what makes you unique—so get ready to share that with the world. As you connect and get clarity about what is important to you — you align it with your brand communication, work environment, executive presence, your job-search strategies and how others experience you — to represent an authentic YOU. Create an integrated work and life design using the whole-person approach, understanding of self & moving towards greater potential and growth.

You open up to your full Potential as you express yourself authentically and powerfully. Commit to move forward and take action on the choices you made. Delivering your value clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities. Learn to put your best foot forward — in person, on paper and on-line. Create amazing career marketing tools that reflect the essence of who you are and the value you offer!